Startup Branding

It was always a challenge for small scale or startup companies to board Branding process because of expensive and lengthy processes of Branding, which is only practicable by corporate companies. Realising this, we've customized and shortened the executions of Branding process to make it affordable to startups and any size company. Retaining the essence of branding process we have designed the below process for startups to ensure their affordability in terms of budget, human resources and knowledge.


Naming is the first significant step at which many organizations misuse an opportunity. Naming your product or service with just an after thought can kill the opportunity of communicating the uniqueness of your product or service. Our naming process banks on understanding the grounds of industry, consumer perceptions, market competition and the organization's true and complete value proposition to its prospect.

Brand Attitude Designing

Like every human being has a unique finger prints, every organization has a unique purpose, style and presentation. All these three elements are nothing but a refelection of its attitude. Building a Brand attitude is like designing the soul of the organization. Our Brand Attitude Designing process involves:

  1. Interview with Stake Holders
  2. Interview with Stake Holders
  3. USPs, SPs & Driving Forces Study
  4. Work Model Analysis

Logo & Brand Identity Designing

Designing a Brand Personality is a personification of the organization that stays in harmony with its beliefs, compentencies, values and its other qualities that makes it stand as a brand in the minds of people.

Our Brand Identity Designing process involves:
  1. Industry Research
  2. Terminology Research
  3. Visual Research
  4. Consumer Attitude/Behavioral Analysis

Communication Designing

We design communications that convey the value proposition to the prospects and that reflects what the organization stands for while talking to its employees and vendors. Communications like environment designs communicate and inculcate the values into environment and then into the personel of the organization. Brochures, leaflets, flyers, environment graphics/designs can do internal and external communication.

Our Communication Designing process involves:

  1. Industry Visualization Study
  2. Industry Terminology Study
  3. Co-players Communication Analysis

Inbound Marketing

In this crowded marketing pulling the customer's interest is more effective that pushing the product into the market. Inbound marketing aims to persuade the customers interest by boarding a platform where brands dont just talk but also listen. Our Online Presence Optimization process involves:

  1. Industry Content Research
  2. Up to date on latest Google Algorithm
  3. Organization Online Presence Audit

Brand Auditing & Web Analytics

Brand Auditing is a process of introspecting the Brand in various aspects such as performance, perception, customer relationships, internal & external communication, value delivery, policies, marketing activities and possibly on every other aspect that plays as a critical factor for the required success of the organization.

Our Brand Auditing process involves:

  1. Marketing Collateral Audit
  2. Internal Communication Audit
  3. Interviews with Employees
  4. Interviews with Top Level Management
  5. Brand Value System Inspection
  6. Website Audit