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Assembling of Standee

marketing talking standee

Do you know that 5 out of 10 people are uncomfortable with the salesman interruption in the store? And also more than 70% of the times the regular standee's message go unnoticed...
Here comes the talking Standee that talks what customers want to hear and when they want it.
This can communicate with the customers through touch, hand wave or even just by their presence.
This not only eliminates the interruption of salesman but also gives a memorable experience to your customers.
Where as regular standee are single dimension (communicate visually), this standee communicates through audio & visual as well.

Multiple Display Sizes

marketing talking standee

  • Reusable - This standee can be used for multiple campaigns, by just changing the audio and the poster.

  • Brand Recollection - With the two way interaction through visual and sound, and of course the unique experience, the recollection of the brand/product is very high

  • This can be used for In-store promotions, Store-outside promotions and event in OOH Adverts

  • The potentiality of the standee can be leveraged to creating a brand marketing story, in a nice video and push for making it viral in social media


  • In-built & rechargeable power supply, so you don't have to look around for power connections.

  • You can also move the standee around comfortably with the wheels at the bottom.

  • The focus lights of the standee makes it more visibly to customers from distance.

  • This standee comes in different colors, designs, standee sizes, poster display sizes and different interactions mediums to interact with customers.
talking standee different adjustable sizes

  • The standee can accomodate multiple size posters.

  • This Standee is so easy to assemble; it approximately takes 10-12 mins for 1 man to assemble the standee to working condition

  • The charging of the standee comes for the entire day and you can recharge it during the night time

  • The audio can be changed so easily by just dumping the audio file into the SD card that comes in the standee

  • We're very proud and happy to say that, this is MADE IN INDIA!
talking standee color designs