It was a great pleasure and insightful for us to interact with number of start-ups and discuss about their branding challenges, methodologies and feasibilities. We have used this great opportunity to take up a survey on perception of branding from 30 organizations (entrepreneurs and mangers from the organizations) and here are the derived results:

Result #1:

A very major portion of the organizations believed that Branding as a strategy helps their organization in growing up.

Result #2:

While majority of the people understood that Branding is not expensive, some perceived branding as an additional cost to marketing and as an expensive advertising.

Result #3:

56% organizations think branding is a complicated process and 44% organizations think branding is necessarily not a complicated process.

Result #4:

Approximately 60% (59%) understood that branding is much more than graphically well designed logo, brochure and website. 17% thought branding is just graphic designing because that’s what all consumers will see and evaluate to buy their products or services.