Startup Branding is a very less practised or even less thought of for various reasons. And so we’d like to throw some light on Branding for Startups. The below Step1 & step2 help you to reinforce the best basics of branding, they can be started as early as possible, even much before you kick start your own company.

Step 1:

Search the meaning of ‘Brand’ &’Branding’ in wiki and google as much as possible till you get a basic understanding of what does the words Brand & Branding mean.

Step 2:

Study at least one Branding book;

Some of the best Branding related books are here:

  • Positioning – Jack Trout & Al ries,
  • The Brand Handbook – Wally Olins,
  • Designing Brand Identity – Alina Wheeler,
  • Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey A.Moore,
  • The Brand Gap – Marty Neumeier

Step 3:

i) Prepare your B-plan (Search for Business Plan templates or a much simpler one, Business Canvas Model). This plan should include the following:

a) Purpose of the business

b) Define your target audience, List the audience necessities and Promise to the consumers

c) Vision, Mission, Driving Forces (how do you deliver the promise), Points of Parity and differentiation and Competitor’s Analysis.

From this stage, organizations are suggested to start working with branding and designing professionals.

Step 4:

  1. Design Brand Character (what does it have to reflect to consumer)
  2. Design Brand Identity (Name, Logo, Visual Identity)
  3. Design Brand Core Message

Step 5:

  1. i) Get your Brand communications designed (website, brochure, leaflet, package, presentations, etc).
  2. ii) Get your Marketing Plan, Marketing Calendar (do not kick off your marketing activities without a prior marketing plan in your hand) and CRM(Customer Relationship Management) related document such as monthly enquires generated list, userbase list, etc.
  3. In accordance to your Marketing Plan kick off your marketing activities in online and offline.