Red Carpet Interactive Art Installation at Innofest 2015.

Objective: The objective of this art installation is to give a celebrity feel to everyone when they enter the place (innofest festival). The place is floored with red carpet and these cutouts are places at the entrance where these cutout clicks (flashes light and also sound of flash is generated).

The How:

We have used Arduino Uno as controller, Ultrasonic Sensor as input (which sense someone’s presence and send signal to the controller) and LEDs grouped as camera flash light (which flashes up on someone’s presence).

The Leds are grouped and mounted to the real-size cutout boards at the place of camera so that it visually gives a feeling that the flash is coming out of camera while also giving a audio output in parallel to generate sound of flashes in synchronous to the led flashes..

We at WindowSquare taking a deep dive into creativity and innovation to make the communications more effective and this is one we’ve got on the way…

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