Internal Branding for Startups is quite a missed opportunity to strengthen the organization from roots to strategy of the organization. This article intends to share our knowledge on Internal Branding for Startups and how to do it yourself.

  • 1) Define Vision
  • 2) Design Values
  • 3) Communicate Internally
  • 4) Empower the employees
  • 5) Build the Culture

1) Define Vision –

a) Craft and communicate the dream of the organization along with defining its purpose.

b) Display the vision statement in a most prominent and visible place in the office.

2) Design Values –

a) Values are nothing but ‘The how’ of your vision – Design the list of traits or competencies that we need to achieve the vision.

b) Policies and rules are one of the ways to embed values into the operation model.

3) Communicate Internally –

a) Emailing is great and efficient way of keeping the relations intact with employees

b) However few extra activities such as outing for a movie, trekking or a social cause performance can strengthen the bonds.

c) Celebrating employees birthday or even a birthday greeting card would be great.

d) Vehicle stickers on the employee vehicles

e) Yearly company merchandise can make the employee feel special and gives a chance of flaunting their association with the organization they work.

4) Empower the employees:

a) Create a platform or a regular activity to let employee showcase their ideas and insights

b) Ensure that every form of employee contribution is recognized and rewarded or awarded.

c) Internal Training activities or attending events can foster the skills of employees.

5) Build & Manage Culture :

a) Design the environment such that the culture of the organization will start inculcating into the employees. If not, at least put some posters around to motivate and keep them in the lines of organization’s voice.

b) Celebrate the values of organization – the culture of the organization is a reflection of its values